Learn how easy it is to calculate anyone’s Life Path Number. Based solely on your date of birth, your life path is the core number to understand your life’s direction, challenges, and unique opportunities. When using a numerology numbers calculator, many people discover hidden traits and talents they didn’t realize they had.

Numerology number meanings will show you your life’s journey and open your eyes to the simplest path to achieve it.

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

Numerology is about combining numbers and reducing them to a single digit, or the master numbers 11 and 22. Here’s how:

  • Reduce your month of birth to a single digit.
    • If your month is a single digit, no reducing is necessary
    • If your month is 2 digits, add them together
  • Reduce your day of birth to a single digit.
    • If your day is a single digit, no reducing necessary
    • If your day is 2 digits, add them together (then again if necessary)
  • Reduce your year of birth to a single digit, just like above.
  • Now add these 3 numbers together to get your Life Path Number

Master Numbers 11 & 22: 11 & 22 have their own special meanings that stand on their own. Master numbers are discovered in step #4 above. If the totals equal either 11 or 22 when adding your final Life Path, stop there. Do not further reduce numbers 11 or 22 to 2 (1+1), or 4 (2+2) respectively.


To Demonstrate – If you were born November 22, 1996, you would calculate your Life Path Number like this:

Month November = 11. Reduce to a single digit 1+1 = 2

Day 22, reduce to single digit 2+2 = 4

Year 1996, reduce 1+9+9+6 = 25. Reduce 25 to 2+5 = 7

Add these to get your Life Path Number, 2+4+7 = 13. This is not a master number so reduce to 1+3 = 4

Life Path Number = 4


“Yeah but, what does it MEAN??” **Numerology Number Meanings**